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Full Version: Neandarthal therianthropy theory
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Sure they're different. They're different attributes. Like when you look at a circle from a different angle it has the attribute of an ellipse.

We see things as matter because our brains evolved to perceive things that enhanced our chances of survival. Therefore we perceive a linear universe that travels in a single direction along time. We don't naturally manipulate quarks and fields for our survival. (We might have pushed the envelope to the disturbing prospect that we may, in the future, have to consider such things that we can't perceive or manipulate in order to survive.)

Just because we don't perceive time in many directions doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't move in different directions. Figure what it would mean to go back in time. That would entail the universe undoing itself and, when it starts back into forward motion, it would redo itself, maybe in a different way, but how could we know that? Not only is there no way that we could know what had happened, there is not even a way that science could detect what had happened.

The discovery of the Higgs Boson validated that even the primary characteristic of matter, mass, is a property generated by a field. Look at matter one way and it looks like atoms; look at it another way and it looks like organization of energy. The organization is characterized by information which, unlike logic or mathematics, is not a way that we look at the universe - it is the universe. Scientists debate whether information is lost when an object falls into a black hole or if it is frozen into the event horizon. They're not talking about something that a sentient being might think. They're talking about an inherent property of the thing that fell into the black hole.

I've been beyond Dreamtime and, although my material brain isn't capable of encoding what I experienced in a way that I can talk about it, I can tell you that everything that is here is also over there. If what I experienced is at all veridical, spirit is the template that the universe is constructed over. Everything has spirit. Spirit is the substrate of everything.

I'm not arguing for oneness - I'm arguing for infinite diversity. Each entity is it's own meaning. It is what it is because it is what it is. Scientists have lost supersymmetry that was supposed to allow them to tie everything together into a single "theory of everything". Now, there are respected scientists that are saying that we may be approaching a barrier containing all that we can know - but we're far from knowing everything. When a physicist says this....

Luckily, as much as I love to learn new things, I don't feel like I have to have an answer for everything. If I don't know - well, I just don't know. As far as attribution philosophy is concerned - of course I don't have the slightest. It's just what makes the most sense to me.
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