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So, this happened this morning on Reddit.

Apparently We have someone here that's decided to bring up some questions about us and about therianthropy off-site because they believe their view towards us and towards therianthropy might get them banned from the forum.

As I stated on the Reddit thread, we open our doors to everyone who takes us seriously and remains respectful. One need not be a therian or even believe in therianthropy at all.

So, BlankhSDS, whoever you may be. You have my word that we won't ban you simply for being skeptical. If you're here to ask questions and learn about us, if you're just curious, even if you'd like to respectfully debate us over identifying as non-human, you have my word that we won't ban you, as long as you respect our rules and our members. Smile


co-owner of Therian Guide

Just a confirm here from the other TG co-owner.

I mean, I get it. I'm a sceptic myself. Therianthropy is pretty damn weird, fantastic and unbelievable. Believe me, nobody knows this better than we therians do. You can just imagine what it's like being one of us. There comes a point where you just have to accept the reality of being a therian, as BS as it sounds, whatever causes it, it's real and it's here to stay.

I also understand the concern that what we do here affects younger people from the Internet. Everybody wants to belong, especially teenagers -- so where better than amongst a group of welcoming and accepting people like TG? We do what we can to make sure this forum remains on the subject of the experience of Therianthropy. Like Lycan said, if people find this is not something that applies to them, they eventually move on to things that do interest them.

As for who is real and who is fake? We try not to tell people what to think. Therianthropy is so far a subjective experience and therefore only you can decide whether or not you are a therian.

There are those amongst us who feel that Therianthropy is something more than a simple belief or position one holds about themselves. We believe this is something one is born with, or at least that is what the experience has been like to many of us. Until more actual scientific research is made though, this is simply my word vs yours.

This is why at TG we actively support scientific inquiry into Therianthropy and are at this moment cooperating with a number of scientists in projects we cannot disclose until the articles are published, due to the usual contractual constraints related to funding of scientific research.

I myself am a sceptic. I strongly believe that nothing is immune from scepticism. Freedom of thought and intellectual freedom is truly respected here. It's one thing I really admire about this place among others.
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