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Full Version: Are you Shiftkin?
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Are you Shiftkin?

There are people who cannot seem to find their true theriotype. Here are my answers of possibilities possessing probability.
Note to mods: I think this might be better be in the essay section, please move it if it is so. Gratitudes!

There are two answers to the cause of the effect of one not entirely setting into one "kin-type"

Shiftkin/Polytherian Possibility
1.They are a "shape-shifter" within, hence, shiftkin or polytherian ect.
2.A shape shifter for those who don't know is a being or person with the ability to change shapes, usually, shape shifters can only change into a different animal.
In the therian/otherkin sense, Shiftkin will be able to change mentally/ phatomly.ect

Improper Inner-Searching
1.It is not easy to describe a method one uses to look within, the english language although containing words for such abstract concepts, is inadequate for explaining such.
Most languages are unable as well, but Sanskrit/Hindi, Thai ect. are known for having "Untranslatable words" that directly describes such abstract concept.
2.One can use a method but that method might be wrong. No offence nor attack ect. are intended. Some people will search who they are within, find a religion and feel happy. Instead of seeing who they are, they follow this "blueprint" laid out. You can also see this in the Nazis and Terrorists.
3.People try to put themselves into a certain label. Throughout most of history, there has been only two genders, people tried to "force" themselves into one or another. But now, we have "non-binary" genders. The ability to community one's gender in the spectrum is becoming more easy.
3. Because that person has not used an adequate method or is not open to who they truly are, that person will never find what their true theriotype is.
4.Because of the limited vocabulary we have, maybe the species of that theriotype is not named yet. Language is limited though useful.
For example. The dragon-species that I am part of can shapeshift. So technically I am Dragon/Shiftkin perhaps a better way is S'Dragonkin.

Final words:
Shiftkin I would say primarily apply to those who cannot associate with anything, but also includes those who have a primary form or mutliple ones ect.

(so much ect. lol)

This is just a theory, I do not even hold this up to be truth just possibility. I aim for the truth, I do not believe, I either know or consider.
I imagine as a cladotherian one could sort of call me shiftkin. The way my shifts work seem to be that I have the "Wild canine" side and the "domestic canine" side. Whether the "wild side" be wolf, wild dog, or so on and the "domestic side" be Collie, german sherp, or mutt really depends on the day and intensity of the shift. I'd say most commonly I acted and felt like a Mexy or some sort of sheep dog, however my shifts do fluctuate greatly and always have (which, as most of you know, has caused me a lot of confusion in the past). On the other hand, my lioness type is quite settled. I do feel more like a domestic animal at times- but a domestic lioness, if that makes sense?
Maybe this makes me "shiftkin" but I'm not sure.
Interesting theory.
It's said that some shapeshifters have a preferred form. Maybe over time that preferred form changes?
My energy being kintype has the ability to change from so it applies to Mr through the first definition. While an interesting concept the second definition would be incredibly hard to be accepted by the community as there would simply be too much of a possibility of such a state just being from a conscious desire of what you want to be as through general psychological means discussed in the community it takes a long time to develop therianthropy and would be extremely difficult if not impossible to change that quickly.and through spiritual means the best way to explain it would be through the first definition.

It still has some validity through the first definition and if a person was easily influenced to extreme proportions I guess it could happen through psychological means. You've just got to step carefully around things like this as this behaviour is often the sole example given to explain what fluff is.

(2017-02-12 17:56)Xce Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting theory.
It's said that some shapeshifters have a preferred form. Maybe over time that preferred form changes?

While this is a decent explanation from my experience and hearing of other's experiences it usually doesn't. Emphasis on usually though it's still perfectly valid.
I was ALWAYS interested in shapeshifting into another animal as a little kid. I knew physical shapeshifting was impossible but still. I don't really consider myself a shifter because I can only shift to two animals which isn't that much. But by the above definition,of having more than one animal type then I technically am a shifter.
I would have to say: No, I am not a shiftkin or a shapeshifter or a polytherian. I am always interested in those who are, though, must make life interesting!
I consider myself polyform and/or shapeshifter. I have a primary/base form- wolf/werewolf. It's my primary and first kintype, the one which resonates in me the strongest and was the first to "emerge" when I was a kid and be apparent. Mermaid I'm still figuring out. The rest, I get shifts mostly of ungulates and demonlike phantom limbs. They're different from cameo shifts in that they can feel like "me", but they aren't... if that makes any sense.
How come the term 'shiftkin' as opposed to simply 'shapeshifter'? Confused
(2017-02-13 14:31)elinox Wrote: [ -> ]How come the term 'shiftkin' as opposed to simply 'shapeshifter'? Confused

I guess as an alternate name.

The literary reason I used Shiftkin is because it sounded catchy and could be used as a noun and an adjective. This theory I guess is new, so I decided the name might be more fitting and distance it from the "traditional" theories. It felt more smooth for the title. "Are you a Shapeshifter? as opposed to Are you Shiftkin?"
(2017-02-13 14:31)elinox Wrote: [ -> ]How come the term 'shiftkin' as opposed to simply 'shapeshifter'? Confused

This is what I was thinking. I normally just refer to myself as a shapeshifter, or shifter, because my shifts aren't really what make me demonkin. Being a shifter is kind of a side affect of me being demonkin? I guess you could say that, but there's probably a better way of saying it. Wait, like this:

If an individual is into spiritual stuff like me, then you might believe that shifting is an acquired skill, though it may come easier to some than others.
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