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Full Version: Therian Guide official discord server!
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Now open to all TG members!

Please go to the introduction channel and tell us your username upon joining. The link to the Discord can be found here.

Thanks and have fun!

Awsome thanks lyc! Could you allow us to change our nicknames!? My username is diffrent from my name in tg but if I can change my nick name I will come up as Minor every time I chat on the discord chat.
Cool idea, but the website is blocked for me here at work. o.O
Then don't do it at work lol

(2017-01-12 14:53)TherianCuriosity75 Wrote: [ -> ]Then don't do it at work lol

I'm only ever on the computer while at work. Wink

Discord has a mobile app so you're in luck bud!

(2017-01-12 15:10)TherianCuriosity75 Wrote: [ -> ]Discord has a mobile app so you're in luck bud!

Thanks for the tip! ^_^

What the frick frack is Discord?
I downloaded the app. But I'm not sure how it works. Is it like Skype?
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