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Hi everyone. Ear Fold

We've decided to introduce a new member status to Therian Guide.

While we have several adult special members who are the "model citizens" of TG that are willing to go out of their way to help someone, listen to concerns, and set an example for everyone else, we thought it may be beneficial to extend this type of status to pups as well.

Our new member status of "pup representative" will be just that, as well as a liaison between our young members and the staff of Therian Guide. These pups will have proven to the staff to be courteous, considerate, helpful and, above all, set an example for our new, younger members.

At this time, it is with great pride that I'd like to announce Gray Pool and Shmi as our new and first official pup representatives! Big Grin
Thanks to the staff for naming Shmi and I as pup reps!! I'm very excited for this and I am also so grateful for this opportunity ^^ Thank you all so much again!

Here is a link to the thread in which we discussed this feature, in case anyone didn't catch it:

The reason we didn't award the status straightaway is because we have a few internal rules regarding who gets to be in a specific position and... it just so worked out we had to wait a few days for a period to expire. Smile

WOOO! Congrats!
Good job guys! But how would new pups even know yall are pups? It just looks like the regular green member name thing.
How would they know brown is for pups as well lol
Their tag things above their profile pictures state it.
(2016-10-12 2:33)Neema Wrote: [ -> ]Their tag things about their profile pictures state it.

Lol ah ok didnt see that. It also by the looks of it the pup rep isnt bolded while regular members are bolder. Just a side not i still dont see why we need designated people for others to talk too when we are all willing to help green or not. But once again good job guys yall deserve to be green!
So, what will happen when the pup isn't a pup anymore? Do they become the normal group color of black?
Thank you so much mods! We won't let you down ^_^
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