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Hello Hello everyone,

You may be familiar with the forum rule regarding age:

Quote:1. You must be at least 16 years of age to join.

We've been discussing with the other mods and have decided to make this a soft rule: we won't be turning anyone away, just because of their age. To avoid confusion however, we have decided to make a group especially for them called "Pups".

You can tell who is a Pup, by their gray nickname, and the text "Pup" in their personal line underneath. Being under 16 is the only reason why anyone is ever a Pup and growing older is the only way out of it.

Please be kind to our pups and don't start harsh or prolonged arguments with them, keep your judgments and arguments age-appropriate. Also take into account that their contributions might not be representative of the sentiment in the community, do not feel threatened by it, respond kindly and explain. Be nice and give them a chance to learn how to think and behave appropriately, from you.

Also keep in mind that discussing mature content with pups is strictly forbidden! We admins will keep strict vigil over this, no exceptions!

Thanks for helping us make TG a family-friendly site.


Also if you feel like a pup's posting is getting messy and their threads are in the incorrect forum please let an admin know and we shall review the thread and move it accordingly.
am I going to be banned? (gulps)
No you won't c: you're staying here, this is so others know that you are a younger member so that they can know to be more patient with you and other pups
yay! I don't have to lie about my age! ok, so maybe I lyed about my age with da, and got banned... here, I have nothing to worry about! (touch wood)
If any of the members start harassing you about your age or begin talking about inappropriate things with you or other pups please let me or any other admin or mod know Smile
I think this is a great idea!
Good idea. I don't mind having pups around. For me it doesn't matter what age anyone has. In some cases it's something to take into consideration keeping in mind how they think and reason before a certain age. But aside from that I'm more focused on how someone behaves.
Really good idea. I don't judge anyone on how old they are but how they behave to me or someone else.
I'm 16 in 16 days xD
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