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Full Version: Why we ask questions
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This is a brief explanation for newcomers on why more seasoned members of the community may ask them questions about their kintype and their reasons for identifying with that creature.

We understand that it can be difficult, especially for newcomers, to effectively talk about very complex, personal feelings that you may have never spoken about or put into words before. We don't expect you to be perfect, but please have an open mind if someone corrects you on something or questions your words. We are not trying to "attack" you.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the concepts of Otherkinity and Therianthropy. If you are new, you may have been misled by misinformation. Rest assured that it is OK to be wrong, so long as you can accept being corrected.

Its OK to think about a question for a long time before answering it.

Its also OK to answer questions with "I don't know" or "I'm still learning".
I second this strongly. We simply want to assist you in finding out your identity.
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