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Agreed with Nigel, I think you guys picked the best individuals for the role. Heart
Aww... I purromise to do my best t-

* Zefer Nezumi breaks the Count to 10 game thread within 5 minutes of becoming a mod.

Yes. That! Things like that! Ha ha...

Seriously, though, thank you all for the consideration. It means a lot to this big cat. ^^

I purromise to keep Zeffing things up as appurrpriate!
At this time, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have reinstated Raz as a moderator, here.

Raz organizes one of the largest IRL draconity gatherings that's active, has been part of TG for a looong time and was a mod before I was even a part of the staff team.

She's compassionate, easy to talk to, very understanding and a very good mediator among other things.

Welcome back @RazDog

Congrats Raz!
Thank you for this oppurtunity, and I will be serving this community as best as I can, once again. Be Happy

Congrats, and welcome aboard! ^^
Glad to have you @RazEar Fold
Congratulations @Raz ! You certainly deserve this ^w^
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