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Congratulations BearX! Big Grin
Congratulations Bear!

Also sincere apologies to the mods, please disregard the form I sent. I didn't realise the original post was from 2015 until the other moment.
Thanks, everyone! I'm humbled by the congratulations.
Haha bear is red now!
Congrats Bear. Well deserved.
Big Grin
Congrats Bear!
* PinkDolphin hugs @BearX to drown in his fur afterwards
Congrats my bearfriend! You definitely deserve such a "rank" im sure you'll do stuff perfectly!

* Snipe noticed a new admin..?
(2017-07-03 2:56)Shmi Wrote: [ -> ]* Shmi noticed a new admin..?

Well Black isn't really new, he just returned to his role after a long leave of absence...

Also, we changed the orange color to mean site owner... Still getting used to it myself.

Oh I see! Would it be possible to write moderator/ admin changes down so that the confusion is... lesser? Like I saw Lycan was pink also and idk if that's temporary it permanent or what and it's useful not being confused on who is who as opposed to a random change. (Sorry if that came off as whiny, wasn't meant to be)
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