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Many congrats to both of you!

The staff is again considering new applicants for the position of moderator. If you're interested in the position and think you're fit to represent TG as a part of the staff, then please fill out the application at the bottom of this page and submit it so that we may consider your application.

Best of luck to everyone that applies!
Please give a warm welcome back to @thewolfgirl

She has served our moderation team well in the past but decided to take a break to focus on life and her music major.

Glad to have you back Gray Smile
Welcome back Gray. I was really happy to see your name in red this morning. Big Grin
At this time, the staff of TG would like to welcome our newest mod to the team. Usually, in the past, we've opened a requisition for mods and deliberated over many applicants to choose among the best qualified and best suited for the job but this time, one member's technical expertise, community experience and dedication to the forum and it's principles has stood out to us as a shining example of exceptionalisim.

Please give a warm welcome to BearX, with over 30+ years in technical experience and a 24 year veteran in the therian/otherkin community, we literally could not resist bringing him on board. Smile
Congrats @BearX !
Congrats Bear! Ya deserve it.
Welcome to the crew, Bear! I'm happy you could join us! ^_^
Welcome to the team Bear! Big Grin
Well done Bear!!
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