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We've decided to close down applications on Friday the 18th, so if you haven't applied to be a moderator and would like to, do so this week.

Thank you!
Mod sign-ups are now closed.
Hey everyone,

Again, we've had some really tough decisions to make while looking over everyone's applications for staff. All of you have given and continue to give so much to our community, it's hard for us to pick just a few members from all the applications we receive, however, two applicants really stood out to us this time.

Please welcome back Renata to the staff. She is a long time member who's been extremely dedicated to TG over the years. Her compassionate nature combined with her diverse background and balanced sense of justice are a fine compliment to our staff. She also represents and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of being kith or animal/other-hearted.

We would also like to welcome WereRen to the staff. WereRen is extremely well versed in the online therian/kin community, she is currently enrolled in her school's JROTC program and has been recognized by the National Honor Society for leadership, character, scholarship and service.

Again, it was a hard choice for us and if you applied and didn't make it. Please dont be discouraged. You're all great members Smile
Opened the thread so people can comment. Heart
Well done everyone!
Thank you staff for allowing to he mod again! I am so humbled by this opportunity! I know in the past I gave up the position due to personal issues but I have grown from my issues and have learned how to manage my mental illnesses. Anyways, I hope I can make TG a safe and loving place for all. To all our lovely members, if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to approach me. I am merely your loyal humble servent. I'm here for you guys and to keep the peace. Werenata is now your new gynamic duo mods!
Congrats to the new mods!
Thank you. <3
If anyone has questions or needs any resources don't be afraid to ask. I love finding resources for people. I'm honestly unsure of what to say otherwise.
Werenata 2k16!
Congratulations guys! <3
Congrats guys.
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