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First off, this thread is for the benefit of all the new members in the Pups category, or those who are under the age of 16 and having their username in gray, rather than black or other colors. Second off, congrats on your awakening at such a young age.

Now onto business. many of you are pretty smart for your age, but to make sure everything goes smoothly, we are going to go over a few important facts.

1. Physical Shifting is Impossible
Sorry to burst your bubble, but physically shifting is completely impossible. The process of bones twisting and changing into an animal's is so painful, it would kill even the strongest person. Even if a scientist would find a way to do so that would keep you alive, it would take a series of years of treatments, and chances are for that time you would be in a giant test tube and unconscious for all of it.

2. The Theriotype You Are Today May Not Be Your Theriotype Tomorrow
Part of therianthropy and otherkinism is discovering who you are. Nothing is set in stone, neither is your theriotype. You can do some searching and researching and find out that what you find is closer to how you feel than the theriotype you thought you were. This is perfectly fine- even some adult therians find that their types change over time. It's just part of being you.

3. You Are Still Physically A Human
This doesn't show up often, but occasionally there is a person who believes that they only have a human shape, and that even to their DNA level they are an animal. This is also physically impossible. If that were true, then you wouldn't be here- you would be in a government lab somewhere. If you've ever had a blood test, you can guarantee that they've tested for anything that might make you different (mainly diseases) and if your blood tested as something totally different than human, men in black would have already tracked you down and taken you from your homes. (this isn't to scare anybody, and if it hasn't happened yet, it won't happen ever).

4. We Don't Roleplay Here
We do have fun on this site, but we also take most of our threads seriously (the really fun ones are listed under Games and Activities). If all you do is roleplay, then you won't be taken seriously.

Those are a few, I will add (or admins/mods) more later as we come up with them. Enjoy the site!!!
I'd seen it; however, I feel like there needs to be something geared toward the Pups group, since they often have the most misconceptions of anyone. Some of these points I felt needed some clarification, especially towards a younger audience.
Thanks for the information, I'm still discovering who I am. Smile
thank you Smile it helped
Thanks for the help. Smile
Cool. Big Grin
I've knew some but thank you for sharing.
Good post! Thanks!

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Thank you!
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