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Full Version: Giving Thanks
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Hello Hey everyone!

Giving thanks is very important! , Especially here on TG. We want to let each other know that their information or action was helpful. So I added a feature. A member can now have a reputation, of course only a positive reputation (we do not support negative comment to each members on this forum). So if somebody has helped you make sure to give them some Reputation points!.

You can give Rep points by going onto a users profile and clicking "rate", or if you would like to thank them for a post they made than you can click "Give thanks"

Now please, only do this if they have done something helpful to you, do not abuse the system!
Awesome!! ^_^ I gave Mog rep points cuz he really helped me further my therianthropy :3 he helped me discover that I'm a Red wolf
I have always thought me needed something like this, great addition! Thanks Euipoi!

~Howl~Howl & Wink
Thanks guys! Big Grin
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