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Full Version: Why TG is here and why TG may close.
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Hello everyone,

I started TG back in 2009 and published it in 2010. The whole idea of TG was to create a basic guide that anybody could understand and follow, as well as a fun online community for everyone to benefit from. In case you all forgot, there was a point in time where people like us (Therians) felt very alone and had almost no resources. We felt left to believe we didn't belong with the rest of humanity and came down to a point of feeling misunderstood and ALONE. Some of you may not remember this because you discovered yourself during this otherkin BOOM. Thanks to the internet and a few people who have created sites to reach out to other therians, we are now booming across the internet (this may have started in 2011/2012).

But now, since we are starting to become known and are no longer feeling alone, people are taking advantage of this luxory, this is a f*cking gift and everybody is tearing it apart. I'm not just talking about TG, we have drama (which happens occasionally everywhere) but im talking about therian sites EVERYWHERE. It seems like, on or off TG some people are just gossiping and starting drama about pointless crap that has almost nothing to do with therianthropy and is just nonsense garbage and isn't useful or helping anyone at all. People keep talking crap about other therians and spreading shit around. HOW IS THIS SUPPORTIVE? how is this helping THERIANS AND OTHERKINS? all this crap is making us look like ignit people or children who just have nothing better to do then cause trouble. (Sorry, not sorry).

Now look, I have come to love a lot of members and respect a lot of people in therian communities, there are great folks out there that are full of knowledge and are so helpful, we make friends and feel like family, because....well we are family. We are all individuals who have discovered a part of us that is beyond human yet we are ALL THE SAME. We are all still human.

But it comes down to this, I don't get paid to keep TG up. In fact, I keep it up to keep you guys happy and use it to benefit yourself because i care about the community. Can this be respected? But now that so many people are stuck in the mindset of DRAMA DRAMA because you have nothing better to do in your life but stick around therian communities and slander everybody like your in a high school click - THEY are wasting peoples time. THEY are a f*cking bully. Those who make being a therian and otherkin all about going on tumblr and bashing each other. Your not helping the community at all. Stop creating problems and finding people to blame. There are no set rules in therianthropy or otherkinism - IT JUST IS WHAT IT IS. So many people in the therian community get f*cking butt hurt as hell if somebody has a different idea or opinion. Who cares! if you dont like them then ignore them or just smile and walk away! Creating an ant hill into a mountain will SOLVE YOU nothing. If you have nothing better to do then do create problems on an online community that is meant to be supportive- GET off the f*cking internet and find something better to do - BECAUSE YOUR WASTING others time, and your own time making everybody feel like Sh*t.

If your not here (I am referring to all therian places) to make friends, be supportive and discuss therianthropy and accept opinions then you are wasting TIME.

Therianthropy is not about who did what and whatever outside drama

But if you look on therian and otherkin sites, that is almost about all you will f*cking see. That is why I have been considering leaving online therian communities. Because its just one huge f*cking war of therians vs therians vs Otherkins vs Otherkins. We are fighting ourselves and its going to end in a big SH*T.

We are fighting ourselves more then helping each other. No body is right here. We have to all accept each other - THERE ARE NO RULES in therianthropy/otherkinism. If you personally do not like somebody or their opinion, then guess what? just ignore it! who cares! blow it off! take it with a grain of salt. Let it GOOO! Stop feeding into the drama. It's going to drain you.

Sometimes I get irritated when i hear about the drama on TG and its like holy crap guys..... really? I feel like i'm running a therian kindergarten. Running a site isn't easy - it isn't cheap either. I am not going to pay to keep a site up for people to argue with each other and fight instead of being helpful, I am NOT going to PAY and MANAGE a site that just brings me stress and frustration. You guys are in charge of your own behaviors, I am simply a person and I can not MAKE you stop acting like an idiot even if i wanted to. That is your moral obligation to be mature about things.

I do understand that you all call this place your home and have close friends. THAT IS OKAY! that is the good part, that is what its supposed to be. But as an admin I have no control over how stupid people are acting outside of TG in the therian communities. I am not responsible for these folks behavior - but im starting to see it in TG too and ill try my best to fix what I can. Honestly, I avoid almost all therian/otherkin communities outside of TG because of all this drama and blaming that has arisen that has never been there before.

I just don't feel like any therian or otherkin communities are what they used to be anymore.

Sorry if this seems harsh.

I am so busy living my own life and taking care of my family that I don't have time to deal with whatever stupid crap is happening. If its something that can be solved by ignoring somebody or blowing it off then dont come to me. If it is a real issue about the site then shoot me a PM.

But it leads me to a few choices.
I will first, try to make a few changes to see if it helps.

If not I will either
1. Close TG forums but leave the guide available.


2. Make TG a completly private website in which you must be invited to join. So i can weed out anyone who sparks up nonsense BULLSHIT activity that has absolutely nothing to do with therianthropy about events that you should be SOLVING yourself instead of getting mad and blaming everybody.

Sorry if this seems offending in any way, but hey! I am not going to pay for people to keep fighting instead of talking about therianthropy and supporting each other (a little play is always okay! but stop fighting and stop bringing drama from outside crap because obviously almost all outside therian communities have gone to shit)

Hope you understand.
I understand your frustration completely. I've left most other kin/therian communities as well. For the time being I'm only participating at TG. I'm really sick and tired of seeing drama everywhere, and people who seem to love feeding off it.

It's like they have no life outside of their drama-zone. Some of them are also acting very elitist. It makes them look like four year olds, to be honest.
*claps* Preach Euipoi! :3

That aside, I agree completely. That's why I avoid every site but this one and one other. Because most of them remind me of a High School and I already attend one of those. I remember joining the forum initially and it seems like it was....different. I love this place and want only the best for it...but I don't expect ONE person to solve it.

Guys we need to come together and realize we are all the same. Sure experiences may be different (and that's ok) but we really don't need to be fighting eachother for either popularity, being "right" about Therianthropy (that's a bit impossible), or just because we have nothing better to do.

I agree fully Euipoi. I hope we can help make this site what it once was. Everyone loves it here and it's not fair for a few to ruin it and make it miserable for everyone else
What Beck and Tea said, I couldn't agree more.
I'm completely with you Euipoi. The Drama and ridiculousness is why I leave most forums in the community, and why I'm not really active here. You decide what's best for you.
Well said Euipoi and I agree as well with what other members have said already but I also want to add that TG being private and can only join by an invitation isn't a bad idea either.Anyway,we have to try something if things keep on being this way.
I don't either. Sorry, forgot to mention that. Having it be a private site would absolutely be a good idea.
I think it would too, at least for awhile
*Applauds* well said everyone, this site has lost what it used to be, what used to make us, us.
(2015-01-27 1:42)Galactic Kitty Wrote: [ -> ]*Applauds* well said everyone, this site has lost what it used to be, what used to make us, us.

Not just this site, almost all therian communities. The least we could do is try to keep peace and sanity at this place.
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