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Full Version: "Therian Life Coach" Aven Forest
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Hey, all

The existence of this person was brought to my attention on Twitter. She's obviously a fraud as most of her activity are retweets of credit card debt garbage.

What's actually harmful is her website which is, as far as therianthropy goes, is a massive, stinking pile of misinformation.

Aven Forest Wrote:But Wait What is a Therian EXACTLY?

A therian is a person who inhabits the soul of an animal. The animal within can teach you how to overcome your struggles, overcome loss, and create the life you want through manifesting, and shapeshifting.

I... Uuugh... Bleh Tongue

Look, the more known therians become, the more likely and frequent people like this will emerge, trying to capitalize on and misappropriate our animal experiences. I don't know if there's any stopping this, it may be inevitable that mainstream marketing gimmicks will eventually try to exploit us but this is all the more reason for us to take to "the streets" and fight back, now.

We need to be drowning people like this in a sea of correct information. We need to be pushing credible sources like Therian Guide, Werelist, r/Therian, PinkDolphin, Therian Nation and WereAreWe podcast and most importantly, we need serious therians to create new content.

We can't let these Ms Cleo types define therianthropy. That is a right reserved for therians only.


lol if one could actually do that, oi. x_x

She sounds like she's trying to employ wolf as a spirit guide rather than being an actual therian, but even that is suspect.
Lol, people like this lovely individual make me ponder society, really.

She's likely a troll, or just... a tad deluded upstairs, no intention of insulting her. But to any new therian(s) seeing this, her "information" is inaccurate and most of what she explains is incredible (e.g., shapeshifting) Rolleyes That is, in every human sense, impossible. Don't believe in what she says.

As Lycan says, we should probably step up a little to this.

Just my two cents,
I agree! I've been pondering for a while of creating my own videos/channel on YouTube, but still not sure. I'd be open to suggestions from people, but I know that I want to do something to help, even though I'm not sure what that is going to be at the moment.
"I am done with the therian community I have never met such nasty, rude, hostile people in my life we're supposed to come together as a community not to play the "whos really a therian game". I have better things to do than to be threatened every day of my life.
#therian #bye"
Who is we??
Clearly she seriously has no idea what being a therian means. Or perhaps she is just a troll. Its real hard to tell
Now her site advertises erotic writing for $250 Laugh

What a scam. She's just mad that her card got pulled. Laugh

Better off without her, by volumes.

I do think the idea of a Therian Life Coach has some merit, but I think they would need to be both a therian AND a professional -- not just a random person claiming to be a life coach. They would also need to be somewhat known, rather than just appear from nowhere.
You almost have to admire the sheer audacity
Edit: I checked out her website and it seems to be empty except for links to her social media.
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