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We will be preforming an update on the site between 12:55 and 13:20 EST, today. The site will be unavailable for a few minutes while the updates are preformed.

You may get some strange errors, but please don't worry and just try again later.

Thank you for understanding.

EDIT: Alright, the updates are finished now. Took a little longer than expected, sorry about that.

Thanks Dusty for taking your time to update the site! I'm sure all of our members appreciate it as well! Left an announcement on TG facebook and Twitter about it too!
So like fundamental site updates, or spambot protection? Lol I'm just wondering.

Edit: points appear to be offline
I think it was a mistake
Updates always bring about some glitches. They will be fixed over time.

And yes, the updates are related to solving spambot issues.

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