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Hey all,

So I wanted to let you know that since there is no Therian Guide Amino (anymore), I'm making this thread to help advertise Amino Therian communities that we think are cool.

If you like using Amino, we recommend you join these. Smile

Therian Community Amino:

This one looks pretty cool and perhaps the best hope for the Therian community on Amino to be anything but a raging dumpster fire. Tongue

@PinkDolphin's Amino:

PD is of course one of us and we wish them success. Smile

Please remember that Amino has a history of spreading false information on Therianthropy for the sake of popularity. We don't control the Internet, but we do hope you be careful what you believe. Therianthropy is a pretty unlikely thing, yet it is an explanation that works for some of us. Please take care not to make us look like a pile of cringe on the Internet. Thank you! Heart

If you wish to add your own community to this list, please contact the staff as per the rules.

Thank you so much! We deliberately made the Amino to attempt to cleanse the image of Amino within the Therian Community. So we really hope that the place will grow as much as possible, so your contribution to advertise on well-known platforms like these is an immense thing for us. Again, thank you!
No way! Thank you so much for this advertisement. We really hope that Therian Community Amino will be a really successful one.
At the moment, people really like it, so I encourage people to join the Amino. There are a lot of really cool people. <3
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