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Hey all,

I bring to you the new TG feature we've been hinting at for some time:

TG Teams!

As TG members, you are now able to join our special teams. As a member of a team, you have access to an exclusive forum (and Discord room if applicable) where you can talk about anything. The topic bans from the TG rules might not apply in them. Nothing is out of place in a team forum / chat, so whatever is on your mind you can ask it there, and you can trust it will only be seen by your team-mates.

We are also planning on adding other perks for being in teams. Things like a permanent name color you can choose, based on your team. And special badges for your forum postbits.

Because we know many of you have already chosen a favorite staff member, the teams are led by staffers and we bring our own individual flares to our teams. So the teams are:

* @LycanTheory's Arcadia, unspoiled wilderness. Also called Wild Squad. As you know Lycan is a freedom-loving doggo, who doesn't mind how people choose to do things, as long as it works. As a member of his team you will be given access to his team forum and Discord chat where fewer rules apply and where life's challenges are faced head-on.

[Image: arcadia.png]

* @BearX's Camp X, summer camp for the gifted. Wink BearX is known for his relaxed and open-minded approach to life. He's been a part of the Therian community longer than most of us and has returned to share his wisdom. Though as a bear therian, he is solitary by nature, his team will nevertheless be a sanctuary for those to whom who find this way of thinking comfortable or appealing. If you just need reasonable and open-minded people to talk to, this may be the team for you.

[Image: camp-x.png]

* @DustWolf's Dusty's Pack. I may have been a little distant recently, but you know that at heart I really care about all of you. I am loyal to a fault and am willing to work hard to protect my own, let my stars speak for themselves, I've been here for you for years. I don't believe in good and evil, I believe every person chooses their own truth and should fight for it: May the best philosophy win. In my team, I'll be there for you, I'll run alongside you and I'll fight for you, even if society thinks you're wrong. Will you run with me?

[Image: dustys-pack.png]

* @elinox's Eli's Tribe. Elinox is a spiritual therian and otherkin. She is a fun-loving and common-sense person. When we fight, she brings our community together. Though Elinox dislikes Discord, by joining her tribe you get access to a quiet spot on the forums, where it's okay to talk about the spirtual practices you've become used to and share knowledge about how to use it, in a calm atmosphere free of conflict.

[Image: elis-tribe.png]

* @Zefer Nezumi's Team Stripe, naturally. Zefer is the fun, energetic, spiritual tiger we all know, who believes in the power of goof and derp, and trully wishes to help the Therian community. You may have heard his thoughtful podcasts or just had a good laugh with his puns, but you know what he stands for is good. If you want to stand with him, join his team, have a blast, get in touch with your spiritual side and help make a better tomorrow for all therians.

[Image: stripe.png]

* @Thorveim's Thorveim's Friends. Though Thorveim is not very active in our group chat, odds are if you're on Discord, you've talked to him at some point and maybe even befriended him. Thorveim is a gentle soul, a good friend, a werewolf and a gamer. If you are ever in a point in life where you don't know what is right anymore, he is the person to talk to. If you consider yourself his friend, want to talk about games or even play a few or just want to say you believe in what he does, consider joining his team.

[Image: thorv.png]

Obviously the names of the teams are a bit goof on purpose, but we want you to be proud of your teams. We hope that the teams will help you with what you really need from us.

Teams are optional. If you're not into this sort of thing, you don't have to join any of them. And you can join multiple teams if you like.

To join a team, PM or DM the team leader (staff member of the team you wish to join) and just explain why you wish to join, and what do you bring to the team. It is the team leader's decision whether you are in or out of the team. Adding you to their team is not their duty, it's their choice. If there's a problem, it's between you and your team leader to work it out.

You don't have to be a therian to join a team. You don't have to have a specific theriotype (e.g.: Dusty's pack is for everyone, not just wolves). You don't have to be a specific gender or orientation. You don't have to be a specific type of person. You just have to identify with the team. Smile

And despite being in teams, we are also in TG and the Therian community. And team leaders are still TG's staff.

I don't know if Teams will work. It might not be the perfect solution, but it might fix a lot of eternal problems in therian communities, so I really hope this works out in the end. It's possible that teams will be a little empty at the start, but I'd like your help in helping them get established: Choose your team and find other people you'd want as your team-mates.

Contributions of art for team badges, or ideas for perks for team members are also most welcome. Smile

Quick update guys: Banners are here! Smile

I made some samples for all teams for starters, but feel free to send contributions in your team forums. Smile

To prevent clutter, banners do not show on mobile, but if you want I can add them there too.

Banner support for mobile. Smile

It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing and hopefully not excessively distracting.

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