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Hey guys,

We realise that the forums have been a bit confusing -- having too many different forums and Discord rooms, to the point that one could never be sure where exactly to post something.

I've been doing some cleanup and we merged and reordered things around, which will hopefully make things easier and clearer. We got rid of 9 forums and 6 Discord rooms.

If you want to know exactly what was changed: On the forums, we merged according to this:
  • Forums: Experiences, Essays.
    Now: Therian Experiences
  • Forums: Therianthropy help & advice, Therianthropy discussion, therian polling area.
    Now: Therianthropy Discussion & Help
  • Forums: Kith, Fictionkin
    Now: Kith & Fictionkin
  • Forums: Positive vibes and encouragement, General discussion, Debates, General polling area.
    Now: General Discussion
  • Forums: Technical issues & help, Website suggestions & corrections, Forum suggestions & ideas
    Now: Technical Issues & Suggestions

In Discord it's pretty obvious because the rooms are still there in the ARCHIVES category (you can't chat in them though). Additionally we renamed #black-forest to #predators and #sunny-city-park to #cute .

We also have a cool feature upcoming, will post about that when it's ready.

Hi, can I ask the reasoning for merging kith and fictionkin when they have nothing to do with each other? Just because some people believe that being fictionkin means you are merely misinterpreting being kith does not mean that is actually, inarguably the case; it seems extremely strange to lump the two experiences together when they are completely different when actually experienced. Would highly encourage some more thought on this decision that isn't biased against fictionkin, considering they're 'kin rather than being kith and share 'kin experiences.
(2020-12-02 21:54)Future Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, can I ask the reasoning for merging kith and fictionkin when they have nothing to do with each other?

The reasoning is that they both have nothing to do with Therianthropy. Therian Guide is a therianthropy forum.

The same technically applies to Otherkin as well, but as we are planning to launch a dedicated otherkin forum, keeping it separate for the time being seemed appropriate.

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