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Full Version: TG budget supercharge
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Hey guys,

As mentioned in our plans, me, @LycanTheory and others on staff have supercharged the TG budget with a bunch of funds! We now got over 300 €. Smile

You can check the current state of the budget here.

As a result, items in our points store cost less than they ever have. Check them out:

You can plant a bunch of trees for just 200 forum points! Or support an animal charity for just 700 forum points.

We also added a bunch of new charities working in the area of prevention of cruelty to animals:
We encourage you to spend your points on them, so that TG can do it's part to help prevent abuse of animals in the world.

But of course the charm of the system is that you can use them on whatever you want. Wink You control what TG spends it's money on.

EDIT: I've added a little description of how the points store works here:

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