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Full Version: New Therian talk: Therian gear
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Hey guys,

@Zefer Nezumi and I have finally finished a new Therian Talks episode. This one might be very interesting for you: It's about Therian gear!

This time @coffeebear couldn't do the editing for us because his computer failed. Still we copied many of his tricks. Wink

The episode presents the traditional therian perspective alongside a more modern one. It is our opinions and it is your opinions and I hope we managed to represent your views.

If anyone has an opinion you are of course welcome to put it in the comments, or here, or any of the threads.

Hosts: @Zefer Nezumi and @DustWolf
Editor: @Zefer Nezumi
Music: @Baumarius (Syamori)

Links Discussed in the Episode (Click to View)

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