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Full Version: A message to all.
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Therian Guide has always been a community of very unique and diverse animal-people who recognize and accept the value of embracing one another on the common ground that we all share. It is humbling to be a part of a community which transcends much of the strife and animosity that exists in the world today and it is an honor to know that we can be loved and accepted just as we are, without regard for race, gender, religion, beliefs, theriotype, orientation or whatever else might set us apart from our neighbors.

We have always operated on these principles and we stand with all those who seek love, unity, peace and respect for one another.

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to all members of Therian Guide for setting a fine example of what a community can be like when we value who a person is, first and foremost and regard each other with the same degree of respect, kindness and dignity that we, ourselves, would like to be afforded.

I have never been more proud of this community than I am right now.

Alone we stand, together we prevail.

Thank you all and please keep up the good work.
^_^ This is an amazing community!
Thank you Lycan!
I completely agree! TG has always been a welcoming, warm, caring and mature place where I've always felt accepted.

So, thank you and also the whole staff who makes TG possible!
[Image: TGSquad02.png]

I thought I should open this art here and now.
For everyone's happiness. I offer up this art as a token of my prayers.

I personally feel, our true enemies are not other individuals or groups, but the fear itself. If we kneel before the fear, soon, it makes divide and makes us attack each other.
However. As long as we can love and esteem each other, together, we can conquer the fear.

Regardless of what religion or belief we have, but all of the faith must be used for only making everyone happy. It's not the tool for making a divide on the group, nor excuse of the war. It is the guideline of making us happy. I personally believe so. So I dedicate my flag for that. To conquer the fear. To make everyone happy.

Blessing upon you, everyone. Stay strong and be safe.
My flag is for you. Smile
I fully agree with @LycanTheory

This community is wonderfully diverse, kind, and accepting. Even to this day my jaw drops from how awesome the people here are, and I absolutely love everyone in it, whether I know them or not.

*Paws Bepis to everyone*

So, yes, I appreciate that this community exists, and because of that, everyone gets free bepis. (Plus $299.99 shipping fee :happy: )

I’ll see y’all around!

(2020-06-02 6:33)SheilaGrace Wrote: [ -> ]My flag is for you. Smile

I shall help hold up the flag, so non has to bear the weight of it alone.

That's what I love so much about TG, while we are all individuals with our own values, perspective, opinions. Our own role in society, community, personal life. We are not all just faceless, seperated individuals in a group. Much like how some facebook groups would work. We all know eachother, we attempt to connect and form relationships. We try to help those who may need guidance, we help build onto what TG is.

We are not individuals on TG. We are TG.

(Thanks for your words lyc Dog )
Thank you for this Heart
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