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Full Version: Serious Therianthropy Discussion Chat Being Held on March 28th
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On March 28th at 12:00 PM Central Time, I will be hosting a moderated discussion about therianthropy on IRC. The topics will be:

1) Many of our theriotypes place more emphasis on scent than humans do. Many therians are likewise, with some even reporting the urge to scent-mark. How do you relate to scent, be it your own or others?
2) If you shift, does your perception of your senses, and the information they're receiving, noticeably change? If so, how?

To join, go to and type "#stdc" into the channel field, then your preferred nickname into the nickname field. Then, hit connect. There is no password. You may have to add some random digits to the end of your nickname; Rizon is a large server and some nicknames may already be registered. Please note that when not in use the channel is locked. This means that outside of shortly before the chat starts, during the chat, and shortly after it ends (if people linger), it will be impossible to say anything in the chat.

Chats will be archived on the Werelist, as attachments on this thread. Also, Therian Guide made a chatbot that's will allow users on their Discord to see what's being said in the chatroom and participate.
So, Kiso and I were the only ones who showed up. So it got canceled. I will be trying again next month, with one or two questions added to the ones here.

Also, was there a reason the chatbot wasn't there?
Huh, oops!

I'll have to look into that.


I would assume it stopped working when someone booted the bot out of the room.

Alright, thanks.
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