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Full Version: New Therian talk: Therianthropy in the media
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Hey guys,

Here's something to take your mind off of the recent pandemic drama: A new Therian Talk!

Episode #8 of the Therian Talk series. We discuss Therianthropy in the media, as one of the recent debates that we had on the forums, we decided to make a little episode about it.

Please forgive the blunders we made in the episode (Click to View)

Though if you have any feedback, we're always happy for that. Smile

Hosts: @Zefer Nezumi and @DustWolf
Editor: @coffeebear
Music: @Baumarius (Syamori)

Links Discussed in the Episode (Click to View)

I feel my perspective has been misrepresented in this recording and would appreciate the removal of that section or some kind of disclaimer that I have expressed such.

(2020-04-09 16:59)Kisota Wrote: [ -> ]I feel my perspective has been misrepresented in this recording and would appreciate the removal of that section or some kind of disclaimer that I have expressed such.


Will do.

Sorry about that.

Hey, @Kisota - I did the editing, and I'd love to represent you as you intended - I read your comments in the chat room, when this was all being discussed, but either I misunderstood, or I missed something as I was trying to condense for time, or we neglected to mention something.

Removing your name would be quick and easy, but if you'd like to elaborate, we can adust accordingly. Please let me know, and we'll adjust as needed. Sorry, and thanks!
I don't want to create more trouble than necessary for you; omission is going to be a lot easier than clarification of my actual perspective, which is less absolutist than it has been made out to be.

In the future, it's worth considering the common courtesy of speaking to a person first if their words are to be paraphrased in a public recording. I did enjoy the points that the paraphrasing brought to the discussion, but I don't feel it's an accurate reflection of my stance. I was not made aware that I was going to be paraphrased in this recording, which also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Obviously, my words in the chat were public and so it's not some actual violation to discuss them in something like this, but the courtesy of being forewarned would have been nice and may have prevented some of the current situation. I would have liked to clarify and maybe add some more positive points if I'd been given the chance (or maybe even speak for myself?)

It's worth noting, as well, how this is actually an example of the struggle of media portrayals. Even *accidentally*, and with no ill intentions, a person can be misconstrued. A documentary crew is unlikely to give someone the same veto power to say "this isn't accurate, please omit." So, thank you in that regard.

Coffee completed the edit yesterday and I have replaced the video just now.

Because of the way YouTube works, there is a new upload and a new link and the old video has been set to private so that it's no longer viewable.

We've asked everyone who we know has advertised our video to update their links.

Funny thing - Therians have made more than just a bit of media. They've also made the radar of the Canadian government. No joke. A fellow that goes by the name of Dr Nuka has been making a study of the furry community, at the funding of the Canadian government among others, and part of that has been one of his now retired coworkers looking into therianthropy.

Take a look -

He gets into the therian side around 45m in, but i do suggest watching the entire vid if youve time. Ive attended three of his speeches, most recent last year and there's been a bit of change since this specific vid; and ive spoken directly to Dr Nuka a few times, sharp fellow. The TL DR version is, The Canadian and other governments were concerned about the furry community; wanting to know if they were a legit risk. Because currently therians make up a substantial portion of the furry community, we got looked at as well. What they found, in a nutshell, is that the furry community is one of the most friendly, welcoming, and helpful communities out there, and that science 'suspects' there's something more to the claim of therian than 'simple belief'.

Anywho, to the point of the original vid. This was a maaaasssiiivvvveeee argument, both in the therian communities and in the vamp communities way the hells back in the day, im talkin early to mid 2000s ish. On the vamp side, there was a relatively small but vocal group that wanted to be 'out n proud', while the majority of folks - gonna include myself in this one - said hell no we want no part of that. Same argument, to a lesser extent, on the therian side - this is where i saw a massive divide erupt between the furry community - being largely comprised of boisterous flamboyant gays, if im brutally honest - that were eager to be out n proud and the therians not wanting to risk it. Well, fast forward a decade and change, and the short answer is, with the mass plethora of furry events, meetups, conventions and the like, yeeeaaa the furries won *that* argument. Ill side note here, with the vamp community, those that did go public to advertise really did an atrociously *bad* job portraying vamps; usually in a laughably bad manner. (I took special delight dissecting it and embarrassing the hell out of some of the clowns that went on TV. Also in part why i dont call myself vamp anymore. )

Im sidetracking again. I agree - when it comes to mass media, getting fair and accurate representation is hopeless, which I might point out is exactly why Dr Nuka and his team went out of their way to look into and research the entire topic. Now, i will say, actively trying to have a spokesperson is iffy at best, IMHO, as it may seem like a drive for attention. That said, I was seriously considering doing my own therian panel at one of the furry conventions i frequent, more as a 'here's a basic intro if you are interested' thing; but of course all that got kyboshed this year. In fact I would say right now, we arent gonna be on anyone's radar for the foreseeable future. That said, though I think Im an outlier here, my therian side has no bearing on my professional life as it is simply 'a faith'.

If you campers ever wanna chat with someone that's been around the block a few times, feel free to fire me a ding.
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