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Full Version: New fields: Psychological and Spiritual connection
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Hey guys,

In anticipation for a major new feature here on TG, we've been reworking the postbit, that is the user profile thingy that you see hanging next to posts in a thread, like mine here on the left.

We've cleaned it up a bit and removed several fields which don't really tell you anything you absolutely need to know (most of which were not visible on mobile anyway). Don't worry, the fields are not gone, if you click on a username you can still see all of them.

We've also added two new profile fields: Psychological connection and Spiritual connection.

This might be viewed as slightly controversial since the separation of therianthropy into spiritual and psychological is something we came up with here on Therian Guide. So I thought I'd try to explain it a little.
  • Experiencing a psychological connection to your theriotype is like the usual way you experience therianthropy: When you have phantom shifts, mental shifts, an animal mindset. All of these things are psychology, basically whatever about your behaviour that is kinda animal.
  • Experiencing a spiritual connection to your theriotype on the other paw, is like if you believe in reincarnation and you think you were an animal in your previous lifetime, if you experience a spiritual connection to an animal, etc.

I think that most people here experience both, the psychological connection being the reason you are here and the spiritual connection being something you are somewhat interested in. I wanted to explicitly point out that setting both to "Yes" this is perfectly fine as an option.

I would therefore invite you to visit your user profiles, set up these options according to how you experience therianthropy and using the save button at the bottom of the page.

Please note that presently, if both are set to No or are not selected, the field "Connection:" does not show up in your postbit next to your posts.

Regarding the gender field. If anyone is upset that it is no longer prominently displayed, we will be adding shop icons to fix that, eventually.

I personally think it looks much better this way. Can't wait to see the new shop icons too.
It looks great, thanks! Heart
Looks good! Smile
Oh yay, you no longer see everyone's point count next to posts! I actually like this, much cleaner this way.
I absolutely love this idea! Smile It looks really good and meshes well with the rest of the fields and the site overall. I'm excited for the shop icons too!
I noticed I couldn't see the gender fields anymore and kinda freaked out. I'm terrified of misgendering people. ^^; Glad to know there's some explanation
I really love this, thank you for adding it! Happy Kitty
I feel like gender might be more useful to see in the top, but I suppose it could be fixed by icons. Still, it was nice to have more options there without having to pay for it

Overall sounds like a neat idea
New Points Shop icons are now available!

Currently there are four basic options:

[Image: agender.gif] [Image: female.gif] [Image: male.gif] [Image: nonbinary.gif]

So we don't flood this thread with requests, if there's a symbol you'd like to see available, head over to this thread and let us know.
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