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Full Version: Happy 2020 and TG ambassadors
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Hey guys,

Heart Panting Heart Happy 2020!!! Heart Panting Heart

It goes without saying, but I wish you all lots of happiness and good health in the coming year.

With the new year we are doing some changes around TG. Smile Many are still in progress but this one I can tell you about. We've decided to discontinue Special members and are replacing it with Ambassadors.

TG's ambassadors don't have to do anything special, but it our little way of acknowledging and thanking them for their efforts in these various places. As usual you will see ambassador status is only awarded where well deserved. Wink

TG ambassadors are green just like Special members used to be and you can see what they are ambassadors for, by clicking on their usernames and viewing their user profiles.

Any questions or comments please let us know. Smile

This new system does make more sense to me than the Special members. Back when I got the special member status, I couldn't figure out what was going on for the love of me. This should make things a lot more understandable.
I don't have anything to say about the Ambassadors thing, but I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful 2020! May all of your wishes come true. Big Grin
Happy 2020! Guys I am going to be a good friend this year and I promise no drama this year love you all
Ambassador sounds like a more fitting title than "special". I like this new change, and look forward to what lay ahead.
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