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Full Version: Help plant trees with us
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Hey everybody,

You might already be familiar with this from YouTube but there's this thing called Team Trees that will plant a tree for every $1 donated to them. I thought planting trees is something you might care about as therians, so we've created a way for you to help up even if you do not have money yourself. Our points store now has one additional item:

the Team trees donation token

In the spirit of allowing everybody to help up, the token saves 5 trees rather than 15, which also lowers it's price compared to the other tokens to a more affordable 900 forum points. Wink

You can earn points by posting in the forums, participating in events that offer points rewards, or you can ask someone who has a lot of points to send some your way. Smile

If you have money you can also of course donate it directly to Team trees.

You can also donate to TG using the yellow Donate button on the portal page and we'll use the funds to encourage the community. Most of our funds end up in various charities in the end anyway. Smile

Go trees!! Hope my 5 boys grow nice and lorge <3
This is awesome, great idea! Big Grin
I already donated to them by myself eh "^v^
Love this idea!
I'm really happy to see this getting posted here, I just bought one! Kitten Glad I could help the cause!
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