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Yearbook and creativity boosters
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Yearbook and creativity boosters
Hey everybody,

I didn't mention this at a time but I've implemented some boosters on the Share your Creativity and Yearbook subforums. Basically when you post there you get extra points: Posting your art to Creativity will get you 3 times as much points as usual and posting to the Yearbook subforum will get you 5 times as many points as usual.

Art has always been a big part of what goes on on Therian Guide and I hope Sketchtember has given you a good intro into how to be creative. Please, continue posting your art on TG, even if it's simple drawings we really appreciate it if you felt like you could share what you've created.

We will be including some art in the yearbook this year as well, if you have any views or opinions about what the yearbook should be like, I'd appreciate it if you told us. Smile Everyone is welcome, this is TG's yearbook!


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