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Therian Territory Website
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Therian Territory
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Information Therian Territory Website
This advertisement was approved by the moderators of the Therian Guide, thank you!

Hi there!

Some of you may already know that I have a YouTube Channel called Therian Territory with the goal to entertain several communities, with its main focus on the Therian Community.

Today I have lounged my website:
The purpose of this website is to acknowledge and grow my TT fanbase/group of supporters and to provide them with updates, a collective place of my latest YouTube and Instagram content, a forum, a chatbox, general information on therianthropy, many recourses regarding the community, ways to support me such as merchandise and commissioning, and a collective place of ways to get in contact with me.

To access the forum and chats, you only have to log in with an e-mail address which is completely free!

I hope this site can be a way to expand the therian community in a positive way and to help therians get in contact with one another!

Go check it out! Big Grin


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2021-04-25 22:17
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