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Therian Guide seasonal gift exchange :)
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Therian Guide seasonal gift exchange :)
Hello everyone!

We are thinking about new things to do for the seasonal holidays.

Since Christmas is coming up, it is all about giving and receiving something back, alongside bringing joy to those close to us, or to those who need a smile on their face!

In the past we have done secret Santa, but this year we would like to change it up where we are allowing members to mutually gift each other things online and offline, of course with both parties consent. This would allow us all to spread the possibilities of gifts further much like secret Santa was, except you will know and have full reins of who to gift and the receiver will also know who gave that gift, hopefully making everything more personal and more to your liking. Smile

Personally I will be giving away some steam games, but you can give or ask for whatever you like.

How it works is simple: Instead of writing to Santa, write to TG. Wink And other TG members will see it and possibly gift you the item. Smile

To safeguard your privacy, instead of replying to this announcement, reply to the dedicated thread we've created:

See you there.

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2022-11-14 20:20
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