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Therian Amino
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Therian Amino
Hi everyone Hello

While it is not the standard conduct of TG to post things like PSAs, in light of Therian Amino devolving into an essential cesspool that rivals even Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook and in light of them launching an unfounded and fictitious disinformation campaign against us, I have chosen to release a very well written dissertation, detailing the massive slew of toxicity that has become Therian Amino from one of their former curators.

That article can be found here.

As alternatives which are not raging dumpster fires, we advise Therian Community Amino and PinkDolphin's Amino, both of which can be found here.

In closing, I'd like to express my disappointment with Therian Amino. You all could have done a great service to the community if you had simply exhibited a little maturity and responsibility. Perhaps, this was too much to ask or hope for.

2020-12-19 19:32
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*Magical Cat*
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RE: Therian Amino
Im so sorry to hear that im sure it has caused you massive disappointment I will definitely not be interested in amino in any way and I will warn my other therian friends to not visit the site thank you letting all of us know sincerely Scarlet

Moon This cat wonders about magical curious thingsMoon
2021-09-17 2:20
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