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The calm
Hey all,

We haven't posted an announcement in a while and I just wanted to say we are still around.

We understand that circumstances we all live in right now mean that we my have to be less active online or that when you are, you just need some very specific thing from the community.

We are trying not to make anyone uncomfortable by making any heavy changes in this time.

We basically just want to be there for you for whatever you may need. Many of you have accounts here already and you are welcome to log in again and just ask -- we will try to help. We don't hold grudges, so if you feel you can talk to us we love you back.

Or if you need someone to talk to, our Discord still has many active people to talk to in all age groups. We've been keeping a low profile a bit since life is hard enough by itself and we don't need drama to make it worse, but we're all still here.


Most problems are man-made.

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2021-05-25 18:47
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