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Hey everyone,

We are experiencing some difficulty while trying to work through an issue with Tapatalk. The problem lies in their lack of response to our requests so we are going to attempt somewhat of a re-boot, if you will, of this feature.

For those that use Tapatalk to access the forum, service may be interrupted at some point for a brief period of time, at this point we can't really give an estimate on how long that would be but rest assured that we will try to fix the problem as fast as possible.

Thanks for understanding.
TG staff.

Edit by Wayward: As evidenced by Dustwolf's reply, we have decided to shut down Tapatalk support of Therian Guide permanently.

[Image: 2d7c5ts.jpg]

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2016-02-25 13:10
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RE: Tapatalk

I am thereby shutting down Tapatalk on this site until further notice.

If you have a problem with that, take it up with me personally as the site owner.

If you need to know why though, it's because Tapatalk is evil and because I must protect our community.


Most problems are man-made.

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