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TG Yearbook 2019, week #4
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TG Yearbook 2019, week #4
Hello everybody,

The plan for this week was to take all of our contributed designs and select the one we like best. However at this point we really just have one design, contributed by @Splitstripe.

I would like to invite everybody to take a look at it:

...and provide any feedback or thoughts you might have.

Whatever design we agree on by the end of this month is the one we will end up using for the yearbook.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this last time but I've increased the amount of points you get for contributing to the yearbook and posting art in the share your creativity forum. So if you have your sights on some piece of merch or just want to ensure an animal charity of your choosing gets some funds, being active here might be a faster way to get there.


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