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TG Yearbook 2019, week #1
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TG Yearbook 2019, week #1
Hello everybody,

As promised in our previous announcement we are starting work on the 2019 yearbook together. Smile

Last year the contents of the yearbook was decided by brainstorming with the Yearbook design team (mostly @PinkDolphin Wink ), but this year we'd like to involve more people from the TG community. I've created a thread where you can find the contents of the 2018 yearbook and where you can suggest what to keep, what to change, what to discontinue and what to enrich with more new ideas:

You have until the end of this week (until the 11th) to make your suggestions! After that we will proceed with whatever we've got until then to make sure the Yearbook is completed on time.

Activities will proceed until the end of the year, and throughout this time you are welcome to contribute content for the yearbook on our Share your Creativity forum:

We will also be looking to include written accounts from other parts of the forums.

Thank you again for helping us make 2019 the best yearbook yet. Wink


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