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Support TG!
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Support TG!
Hey all,

Are you liking Therian Guide? Smile

Do you think what we do here is good? Want to help Therian Guide continue to be?

I would invite you to consider getting a TG support token:

The TG support token is a unique points store item (just 14 of them left!) you can add to your user profile to show your support.

Getting the token won't cost you any money, but it counts as your vote to route some of the money from the TG budget to help pay TG's hosting fee to keep it running.

Once all tokens are sold out, we are good for another year. Smile

If not, well I understand times are tough and I'll cover the rest to keep TG around.

P.S.: Donations are good too, they will go towards TG's budget and will make the TG support token cost fewer points.


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