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Sketchtember 2022 and Podcast Bits to Listen To!
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Sketchtember 2022 and Podcast Bits to Listen To!

A day early (at least in the US!) but as sort of a monthly announcement for September this year, I'm excited to encourage you critters to pull out your favorite instruments of creativity and check out the 2022 Sketchtember submission thread!

Feel free to add more purrompt suggestions and try to do your best to encourage your peers to go do the things! Sketchtember is usually a lot of fun and we see some really creative, cool stuff from our members!

For those of you on DeviantArt, feel free to join the Therian-Guide DA page! If your screen name on DA is different from on here, let me know so I can set up appropriate purrmissions for you to submit! (We try to limit it to forum members so as long as I know you're on here, you're good!). I'll try to make a folder for Sketchtember 2022 submissions but I'm A bOoMeR and might struggle a bit to figure out how to. XP Bah.

If you have friends outside TG who could also benefit from a nudge to try something artistic, remember that the event isn't just limited to members! It's about building skills, building friendships, building community, and more!

If you're on Discord, look for a thread in our #creativity channel for submissions! You can post there, in the submissions thread, in your own thread, link to your post elsewhere, or whatever works for you. If you have questions, feel free to ask! ^^


If you're into longer-ish podcasts, the latest Sneppurrsode of the WereAreWe Podcast is out now!

In the later part of the episode (check the times listed in the description!), we discuss the upcoming segment on roleplay in the therian community. This coincides with a poll about roleplay, which you can find here!

There's still some time to make your vote on the poll before we start compiling stats to discuss on the sneppurrsode, and I'll be reaching out to interested purrticipants of the discussion sometime soon to try to coordinate coming on for live discussion!

(If I haven't given a nudge in a few days but you've expressed interest in coming on for the discussion, please send me a PM here or on Discord. Or use a laser pointer to help lead me back in the right direction!)


Make sure to mark your calendars for the next Serious Therianthropy Discussion Chat which will be held September 4th, at 12pm CST.

The linked thread provides login information, as well as upcoming questions for each discussion. If you're interested in getting notifications of new events, make sure to subscribe to the thread!

Please also note that, though the discussions are archived on the WereList, you don't have to be a member of the WereList to participate in the discussions when they are held.


Are you aware of any other community projects or events the community might want to hear about? Reach out to someone on the staff team and help make us aware! ^^

- ZN

The Punk Pun-Therian
2022-09-01 2:16
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