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Rules Updates
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Rules Updates
Sometimes members seem to forget that we are a PRIVATE website. That means if you come to our forums as a guest, you can not see anything unless you are logged in. We work like a family and lets admit it; No forum has ever been or will be perfect. Every site has bugs, problems, and spambots always finding new ways to get in.

Now, we dont want to affiliate with Tumblr because we know that almost everything on there that has to do with any type of Kin family is bad juju. But some of you have accounts there and it is your choice to be there. First off, I must warn you, Tumblr is a lot of Drama. But if you choose to participate there....then by all means. It is up to you and we respect that. But if you would like to participate here, the least we can ask is that you keep all information from TG, in TG. So we have updated our rules to clarify this.

Quote:16. If you wish to participate in the site, we expect confidentiality. Any problems within the site, stay within the site.
17. Loyalty. As a member of a private site we expect some degree of loyalty from you. Writing demeaning things about TG inside or outside of the website will lead you to being banned.

No forum has ever been, nor will be perfect. We can not please everyone. If you are not pleased with the site "as is" you have an option to leave.

Hope you understand, Thanks.
- Euipoi

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