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Q&A for non-therians
Hy McCaw
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Q&A for non-therians
Here is a place for people who do not identify as non-human to ask their questions about species identity and dysphoria and our experiences. You can be curious, sceptical, whatever. Please refrain from being blatantly rude with your questions though. But there is no just thing as a stupid question. People who are new to this identity and suspect that they may identify as non-human may ask questions here also.

Your questions will be answered by members of the community. Please keep in mind that as we are all individuals with different perspectives, some of us may have different answers to certain questions, so don't be confused if you get two completely different answers.

Welcome and enjoy!

Kind Regards,


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2017-06-19 13:44
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RE: Q&A for non-therians
I feel like this could also be the place for people who have always been curious about something in the 'kin community but were too afraid to ask. Even if they're more experienced folks. Wink

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2017-06-19 17:39
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