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Modern messengers!
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Modern messengers!
Hey guys,

Based on this request, we've changed around the useless antiquated messenger fields in the User profile (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and MSN) for ones that actually exist:
  • Discord
  • Steam
  • Facebook
  • Telegram

I would invite you all to fill in your messenger usernames if you have them. In particular, I would appreciate if you fill in your Discord usernames as this will yield advantages for you in the future. Do it even if you're new. Smile

Remember that Discord usernames must be filled in with the name#1234 number.

P.S.: Let me know if anything appears not to work, I will fix it.


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2018-04-07 14:06
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RE: Modern messengers!
eeee! awesome!!

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2018-04-07 14:15
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