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Member of the year 2019 - Nominations
Zefer Nezumi
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Justice of the Purrs
Theriotype: Siberian Tiger
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Connection: Psychological, Spiritual
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silvertick silvertick 

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RE: Member of the year 2019 - Nominations
I vote for @hotdogwolf even though he's an aliens. Maybe even specifically because of that! X3

Higs is welcoming and cheers a lot of people up purrdy constantly. ^^

- ZN

The Punk Pun-Therian

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2019-12-11 21:26
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Elephant in the room
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RE: Member of the year 2019 - Nominations
@Splitstripe I've seen your knowledgable words all over the place, in the shoutbox, in the forum threads, most everywhere. I'd like to thank you for that.


Had the whole world wrapped around my ring 
I flew too closely to the sun that's setting in the east 
And now I'm melting from my wings
2019-12-14 7:09
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