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Inner Wild Patreon
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Inner Wild Patreon
Greetings all you fabulous creatures!

As you know by now, the Inner Wild podcast is up and going strong! However, we are beginning to run into some financial shortcomings, and already finding that we are a little underequipped to provide the quality that we want. So, Autumn and I have discussed a PATREON!

Short term, we are hoping to basically keep our Soundcloud up on costs for RSS hosting, and begin a website. We would love to be able to host a clean, easy to navigate website instead of blog style updates. It'll be easier for new listeners and the newer community members to find a beginner place.

With that, we've begun to reach out for more interviews, and stretching for ways to help you feel part of what we do, and make sure you know that we love you.

With fondest and happiest "Ahwoos,"

(This post was last modified: 2018-04-23 22:24 by Fel_Grey.)
2018-04-23 22:23
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RE: Inner Wild Patreon
I've moved this to the announcements for maximum exposure.

Fel's Inner Wild podcast is a good resource for the community. It's something I would personally recommend to young therians just beginning their self-discovery, older therians looking for something to listen to while at work or even non-therians who were curious about us.

This is where it's time to stand together. If anyone else has a resource that's of excellent quality and of no conflict to TG, get in touch with me and I'll gladly look over what you've got and give it my personal endorsement if I see fit.

TG provides a great community but there will always be room and support for our members to develop and grow their own outreach endeavors.

Good luck, Fel! Smile


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2018-04-24 0:57
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RE: Inner Wild Patreon
Supported. Smile

Will increase pledge when my financial situation improves.


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2018-04-24 16:04
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RE: Inner Wild Patreon
Hey there,
really appreciate the support. Would love to keep this podcast rockin as it's gaining traction in the therian and otherkin community alike. Any ideas also as to what in the future--not including upcoming interviews we're organizing--would be valued as well.Also, any thoughts on donation gifts for various levels on Patrion e.g bonus audio or meditations mixed by yours truly would be greatly useful!

one night reshapes forever
2018-04-26 0:51
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