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Domestication is not an animal trait
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RE: Domestication is not an animal trait
(2020-04-12 13:04)Talarp Wrote:  
(2020-04-10 21:59)Kyra Wrote:  I completely agree, however, I do have one nuance against your statement: the past-life theory. Horse (or any usually domesticated animal) therians might have the feeling of wanting to be domesticated or have the feeling that they should wear collars or so because they might believe that, in their past life, they were domesticated. I personally have a different view on my Therianthropy theories (multi-universal), but I know many therians who believe they have memories of a past life. So that might explain a few things.

I agree with Kyra on this. Past-life theory probably has something to do with that.

I agree with this also.

Although my horse heartedness comes from cameo shifts, and a close bond through riding- i've heard both horse hearted individuals and horsekin describe having phantom tack (saddle, bridle, etc) when having a full body phantom shift. I've heard of therians having the want, even urge, to have a bond in which they are more or less subservient and willing to please. Domesticated isn't a natural trait, no, but any of the above can easily point to it.

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~Being kin is a journey of finding yourself, losing yourself, searching and doing it all over again.~
2020-04-12 23:31
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