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DenFur Therian Panel and TG 2019 Yearbook Update!
Zefer Nezumi
Therian Guide Staff
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DenFur Therian Panel and TG 2019 Yearbook Update!

TG Staff members would like to announce a few exciting things that are just around the corner - the upcoming Therianthropy Panel at DenFur (in Colorado), and the kickoff of the 2019 Yearbook project!

Therianthropy Panel at DenFur

@Stormdancer and @Zefer Nezumi will be co-hosting a panel on Therianthropy Sunday, August 4th from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm, Denver time (MST) at DenFur in Colorado!

They are hoping to cover a broad range of topics, discuss personal experiences, meet-and-greet with other therians, and help give resources to those who would like to learn more about therianthropy or who would like to connect with others.

They'll be covering the basics (what therianthropy is, what some of the experiences like shifts are like), a bit of community history and background, discussing things like Howls and why they're important, and much more!

Some things may be more on-the-fly, depending on who comes to the panel and what their collective experiences seem to allow for discussion.

What kind of questions would you have if it was your first time at a panel on therianthropy? Stormy and Zef may be able to use this feedback to consider new content to include!

Aaaaaand, of course, if you'll be in the area... drop by to say 'Hi!' or 'Howldy' to them!

They plan to record the panel, so they hope to post a link once it's over so community members who couldn't attend the panel in person can still enjoy!

Stormy and Zef will try to air the panel live over one of TG's Discord channels - you won't be able to speak during the panel but you should be able to listen in, and Zefer and Stormy try to look for questions that are posted in the appropriate rooms if they have time to answer!

Keep your eyes out for the Therianthropy Panel either at the con or on the "Panel" channel in Discord! If all things go well (no promises it'll actually work, unfortunately), they'll be live Sunday, August 4th from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm, (MST).

2019 Yearbook project

As you know the 2018 yearbook of TG has been a great success. All of our yearbook projects have helped us capture a time on TG when things were different, because the members of TG were different.

Some pretty cool people move on and grow up, while other very awesome people were not around yet. Big Grin Some tech we didn't have back then (like the super integration with the shoutbox), while other things (like our old Discord server Cry ) were lost. In the yearbooks, all of these things are saved forever, which is why they are so valuable. They are a look into something which meant so much to all of us, but will never be again.

Because of this, we are of course making a 2019 yearbook. Smile What experience has taught us is that it's a big project and we need a lot of time to get it done, so we're starting now. Tongue

We want all of you to contribute to the yearbook, rather than it becoming an incredibly huge project by one person, so this year we are doing things slightly differently. The whole project will be cut down into timeframes (we're thinking weeks right now) and every timeframe (week) we'll be talking about making a specific part of the yearbook and accepting opinions and contributions from everybody on TG. This will all be on the forums.

Because it's a 2019 yearbook and thus needs to be finished sometime in 2019 Smile the timeframes will be fixed and once each is over, no further contributions to it will be accepted. So make sure you get your opinion in on time! Tongue

The first timeframe, coming up soon, we will be discussing the contents of the 2019 yearbook, with the 2018 yearbook as the foundation. Make sure you've got your ideas ready when it starts! We'll let you know with an announcement here. Smile

Keep your eyes and ears open for this stuff, and more, coming soon! ^^

- TG Staff Team
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2019-07-28 16:33
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RE: DenFur Therian Panel and TG 2019 Yearbook Update!
Sounds great!
I won't be able to attend the panel, but will be happy to contribute to the yearbook.
Thanks so much and have fun at Denfur Smile

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2019-07-29 0:45
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RE: DenFur Therian Panel and TG 2019 Yearbook Update!
Is there some news about the yearbook ?


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2020-01-19 17:13
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