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Chat improvements
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Chat improvements
Hey guys,

We haven't posted an announcement in a while and I thought why not? Smile

Lately I have been working on improving your experience with the different chat options we have here on the site.

Now whether you prefer to use Discord, Telegram or the good old Shoutbox here on the forums, your messages appear as similar to other people's messages as possible. I've also added some improvements to the Shoutbox, to make it easier to correctly type actions (roleplay), more like you're used to on modern chat apps, and not necesarily only the way it used to be on old IRC.

And even though a lot has already been done, there is more to come. Smile

All this makes all the chats a bit easier to read, as well as making sure chat feels like people are actually here, even if they prefer to use a different messaging program. I hope you guys like the changes. Smile

More details about the particulars are posted in the corresponding threads:

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[Image: therapy%20wolf.png]
2018-10-31 20:29
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RE: Chat improvements
This is awesome Dusty thanks for all the hard work!
2018-10-31 23:35
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