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Be Were: Watch for Sketchy Behavior!
Zefer Nezumi
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Be Were: Watch for Sketchy Behavior!
Howldy, folks!

It is with utmost importance that I warn you that... Sketchtember begins next Tuesday...

Expect sketchy behavior in abundance!

Click here for the thread but no cheating yet! ... er, I mean, no cheating!

Submit your art, suggested prompts, questions and the like to that thread. Not here. No, stop. Stop asking here. STAHP IT! XP

I realize that there's a wide skill range here at TG. Rest assured - if you purrticipate, we'll do our best to support and encourage, no matter what you're capable of. The intention, as always, is to get people practicing new skills, refining old ones, and generally having a fun time.

Participants will be awarded 10 points per day of contributions, up to a total of 300 points (if you submit at least one thing a day for the entire month of September!).

This year, we've got a few purrojects that are sort of being tied in to Sketchtember, so hopefully it'll be a grrrreat oppurrtunity for some of you to tap into your more imaginative or expressive bits!

It's purrfect timing for us to make a new push on the The Creative Unity Project! Try to draw, paint or otherwise represent your theriotype in a way that can be added to a larger collage, in hopes of making something beautiful that literally shows we're all part of a bigger picture! Check the thread for more details!

With the VA, CO and PNW Howls canceled for this year, several of us are working on a digital Howl! We're picking each others' brains and working to provide an experience that matches the in-person Howls best we can. More details will come later, but @LycanTheory would like for us to come up with some kind of logo for the Howl, so here's a supurr-secret contest thingy.

What better time to work on something like a logo than when we've got Sketchtember starting soon, and we already have a relevant project underway. Talk about getting some bang for your buck!

I think it's critical, with everything that's going on in the world (seriously, 2020 needs to chill!) that we all work together to keep each other grounded, positive, challenged in good ways, seeking self-improvement, and working together toward a better future.

I realize these creativity projects aren't for everyone, but maybe they'll help spark some ideas for you all to try other things with your friends and family, as well!

The only ask I have? If these purrojects excite you, make sure you don't burn yourself out, either! Pace yourself, challenge yourself, and have fun.

It's in these trying times that we have the most opportunity for growth, I think.

At any rate, enjoy! Now, go create!

(Unless it's for Sketchtember. You have to wait until Tuesday for that. No cheating! And... yes, I already broke my own rule with the logo submission ha ha ha!)

- ZN
2020-08-28 17:09
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