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Announcement - TG's Sketchtember 2018!
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Announcement - TG's Sketchtember 2018!

OK, critters, it's time for the Therian-Guide Sketchtember 2018 challenge!

The goal: try to sketch at least a little every day for the whole month of September.

It could be one small piece by itself, or maybe one small piece of a bigger piece (like a muzzle or an eye as you try to figure out a creature's anatomy). There's no obligation or pressure to succeed every day - just to have fun and test your skills!

Additional details about the challenge, some prompts to help inspire you to join, and other tidbits are available on the initial thread (click here). <- That thread is also where you should submit your art if you'd like to post right here in the forums!

Please don't post them to this thread; this is just intended for announcing the challenge. X3

This challenge is solely intended for the sake of fun and encouraging artists of all levels to test their skills and support each other.

@DustWolf has also kindly offered to contribute 10 points per day to anyone who participates as an additional incentive! Participate every day and you'll get a grand total of 300 points!

Just make sure that if you post your sketch somewhere, you let me know if it's not somewhere I can easily keep track of it (such as here, on TG's DeviantArt page, or on Discord's Creativity page) so I can help keep track of who gets points! If you post to your personal creativity thread, just let me know so I don't miss your point tally!

We do need to verify that you worked on something in order for you to get points, but if you have any concerns or would like alternative methods of doing this, please contact me directly and I'll see what we can come up with!

This is the purrfect opportunity to explore expressing your therianthropy in a new way! Of course the challenge doesn't limit you to therian art, but this IS Therian-Guide so it would be super-appreciated if therianthropy fit into the theme of at least some of your sketches. ^^

If you find that you are super-impressed with your work and would like to share it on social media somewhere, let us know and we will do what we can to help share your experience! (This is entirely optional, of course.) If you're already a contributor on TG's DeviantArt page, of course you can submit there too!

The options are limitless and this is a great opportunity to express yourself, invest in yourself, and connect with others. Don't feel intimidated, don't feel discouraged, and most importantly, don't give up!

DO your best! :3

I'm sure I've missed some things but I think that's enough for here, so...



GOOOOOOO! (But not until it's officially 9/1/2018 wherever you are ha ha, no cheating!) X3

- ZN
2018-09-01 0:43
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