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A few Updates
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A few Updates
• Hey everyone, just a reminder, remember to clean out your inbox to clear some space (sent box as well). We don't want to have clutter or bugs. If you have important PM's its fine to keep them, just please remove the ones that are insignificant.

New1 • We now have an account on the TapaTalk App, you can join us there if you are using mobile. Click the orange tapatalk button to get the app.

We would like to congratulate our new staff members: Nurona, Honey, Calico, GalacticKitty, Candiedcanine, and Lupa!

Updated 1 • A few updates on our main website have been made. We have changed "Logical" to "Psychological" and moved a couple of things. Keep an eye out because we will update the main website and put in new information.

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