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A Roadkill Manifesto
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A Roadkill Manifesto
There has been a lot of drama on TG recently, so I figured that I would clear some things up with a post. Hopefully this will shed some light on where I come from on all this, at least.

Having been around the community for 16+ years, starting at a young, impressionable age when my clinical lycanthropy (CL) first presented (12), I've gone through a few phases of self-discovery. And like many impressionable preteens, I went out there looking for answers as to what the hell was going on with me. Consider it the CL equivalent of "awakening" for therians.

Inevitably, I drifted to some of the dying IRC groups and Werelist, as well as some of the fringe 'packs' on Yahoo! groups. This was in the Were community, which the therian community more or less spawned from.

Within those groups, there were numerous people that would join claiming things like physical shifts, or some magical ability to communicate with their 'theriotype', or what have you. Of course, children in a critical stage of development found this a helluva lot more appealing as an explanation than "Sorry, kid, you're stuck in a human body and going to feel some kind of dysphoria your whole life."

In 16 years of watching these claims be challenged, or questioned, there have been zero who have been able to support these claims. But fun thing about these people. They tend to seek validation of their 'beliefs', often by including other people (especially impressionable kids) in them. If you have ever noticed that most sites no longer allow "pack recruiting", the primary reason is these exact types and their tendency to recruit minors to be exploited.

Having been around long enough to see some of those kids 'grow up' (at least physically), I've seen the damage it does. Two such people are currently homeless, one committed suicide, and five others were sexually abused by the ones who drew them in. And I've heard similar tales over the years from senior members who have been around the block; far too many. Fun fact: Some of that has happened here on TG before, and the staff works every day to try to mitigate that. Things have just gotten bad enough recently that a more active role was required.

So when people ask me, "Why not, it could happen?" Because in my experience, what could happen is trumped by what has been known to happen. Hell, if presented with actual evidence, I would be open to change my mind, and I do enjoy debate. But in the meantime, don't be surprised if I periodically put safeguarding the community here (including my own little sister) over taking highly unlikely claims at face value.

Please note that when I say debate, I mean grounded in logic and reason. Not based on 'feelings'. Appeal to consequences is not a valid debate strategy.

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2018-02-20 19:45
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