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2020 Howlyday Cheer!
Zefer Nezumi
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2020 Howlyday Cheer!

The Howlydays are approaching and I've been in the mood to encourage creativity and positivity, so I'd like to bring your attention to two projects that are going on this season!

I realize that we all have different creativity styles, so I'm mixing things up a bit in hopes of getting more people to participate!

The first project of sorts is this super-secret Secret Santa art exchange thing that's secret!

Basically, everyone who purrticipates will get holiday or seasonal art from another participant, chosen at random. You'll know who you're doing art for, but you WON'T know who's doing art for you, so there's a great opportunity for surprises here. [b]I ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION REGARDLESS OF SKILL LEVEL[b] - everybody seems to have a blast with the Sketchtember challenge, and I think people usually end up doing far better than they expect themselves to. ^^

So far, it seems like most people who are participating can create art or help someone else do so, and that means it looks like we should move on to the next steps soon. ^^ If you haven't voted yet, please do so - that way I'll know to include you in the next thread.

The second project involves submitting audio recordings for the Were Are We podcast! Click here.

The point of the podcast is to help give a voice to the therian community so it kinda makes sense that we should let your actual voices be heard. XP This project hopes to get 15-20 second audio messages from various community members, related to holiday season wishes, or positivity in general. We're hoping to have a segment on our next episode that shares these submissions with the community!

Nothing too complex or crazy - it's just that we could all use some good wishes and warm vibes this holiday season. If you're interested but not sure how it works, let me know!

In the meantime, I'd like to thank you all for hanging in there and doing your best to keep each other in good spirits. I think creative outlets are an excellent way to help us bond and form stronger connections and I encourage you all to challenge yourselves to think of ways we can help support the community!

- ZN
2020-12-11 17:48
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